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We invest in your dreams

We invest in start-up teams and help them successfully develop and launch electronic products at our cost. 

Beyond Money

We give you more than just money

With nearly 30 years of consumer electronic product development and manufacturing experience, especially in the countertop kitchen appliance field, with a delegated R&D team with more than 200 talents; our manufacturing plant that can handle from industrial design, mechanical engineering, tooling, injection modeling, stamping, color coating, to assembling, etc.. With designed capacities of 20 million pieces yearly and well-developed sourcing networks. If we decide to invest in your team, we can provide all these services and tooling at our investment cost.  


1. Submit your BP

Submit your BP online or via our investment managers. Please understand, for the large quantity of BP we received, we may not reply every submission. 


3. Due diligence & agreement

After that, if the committee decides to continue with your team, we will conduct a due diligence investigation; if that also goes well, then we will sign an investment contract with you and agree on the equity shares.  


2. Pitch & review meeting

If we are interested in your startup idea and have confidence in your team, we will invite you for a meeting, in person or online, for you to pitch to our team and to have our questions answered. 


4. Ready to make sales

After the investment agreement is signed, we will work with your PM to develop the product and arrange manufacturing to meet agreed launching date, and you can start to focus on planning the sales. 

Make your dream come true

At Silicon Valley, there are many startup events every day, no joking, every day. People with an idea pitching to different investors try to raise capital; or at cofounder matching events, many startup leaders are hungry and even fighting to get a CTO or tech guy to join his/her team. 

At the beginning of a new startup venture, the early stage fund raised is to build the product and or for the production; the team built was also mainly working on the engineering work to make the startup dream into a physical product. 

And that is how Micaid Foundation is going to help you with. No more fighting to build your engineering team, no more struggling to beg for money then spend on product development. If after due diligence and we decide to invest in your dream, we will cover the cost for R&D and initial product tooling; so you can focus on making sales.

A Glimpse into Our Capabilities


Years of Expertise


Investment Partners


R&D Engineers


Production Workers


PCs Designed Capacity

What we believe

We believe in empowering startups and entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams by providing what they are lacking, which is our engineering capabilities, manufacturing capacities, sourcing resources, and capital investments; and let the startup team focus more on what they are good at. A successful startup is not the one with a cool idea; it is the one that able to bring their product to the market and sell to the customers. 

Connect with us and take the first step towards realizing your startup's full potential.

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