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Art and design are underestimated power, while MicAid Foundation’s mission is to best utilize art and design on branding, packaging, pattern, graphic and product redesign, to help local minority communities to set up local craft products workshop, solve local employment problems, create job opportunities and save local intangible cultural heritage. Besides redesigning services, we also provide training services; which means we are not just giving people fish, but teaching people fishing.


Our activities scope including: 1. “Anthropology Research”, at this stage, we will conduct research to understand basic social, political, economic and cultural situation at the local minority areas, identifies the causes of poverty and the “touching the bottom” process of the poor. We use field research methods and cultural anthropology to conduct long-term and in-depth research on the local “people, culture, geography, production, and scenery” resources and poverty status. Based on the understanding of these information, we determine our project strategic, define the redesign target, which can be local techniques, crafts, stories, produces, and so on; then we will start to work on collaborative design innovation.


2. In the process of “Collaborative Redesign”, based on local characteristic materials and non-material resources, MicAid designers and local people work together to develop cultural products. The local people include skilled craftsmen and students who have acquired related skills through our training services. In this process, the local people's special knowledge and skills, or traditional techniques are fully utilized, and collaborative design and innovation results also bring sustainable economic benefits to the local community, thus solving local employment and achieving MicAid’s goal of poverty alleviation through creativity.


3. In the "Design Production" stage, MicAid foundation will also help to set up local workshops or studios to produce our design work. MicAid foundation talented designer team will also look into traditional hand-made crafts and equipment of traditional techniques, redesign the production line, and train the local people to be able to produce newly designed products, which fit better for modern people’s life style, had much more market demand, yet best utilized local cultural pattern and traditional techniques.


4. "Branding & Marketing", those developing areas are normally in remote mountain villages, transpiration, communication and information are all with limited access, hence many great local products and produces are not known to the public. Through MicAid redesign the branding, build the story, create marketing materials to tell the story; also train local people how to best utilize social media and self-media, to market their produces and products to the people outside of the mountains.


MicAid Foundation work on cultural and poverty alleviation through creative redesign activities in the process of collaborative innovation; besides providing empowerment education for local villagers and the provision of planning guidance for the government.

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